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released January 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Sadman Institute Poland

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Track Name: Ash & Dust
Everyday we hurt our minds and our bodies.
Garbage inside our heads,
Poison pumped through veins.
Our God is comfort,
Many goals are so shallow.
People desire love but they feel so hollow.

So take a breath,
Feel the flame,
Change direction and visit a brand new land.
Grab some soil,
Smell the wind,
Listen to birds' singing,
Help Mother Nature win.

I'd really like to feel that I am alive,
Reach for the stars,
Absorb the deepest, real taste of life.
Too many things till now have stolen our time.
Let's break bad rules, choose a candid life,
Listen to the beat of your heart.

Now you know that is the final choice.
Your decision, wreck or rebirth.

Smoke is everywhere, I hold ash in my hand.
Dust in my eyes, I try to understand.

Look what those people did with their lives:
Complete chaos, hate inside.
Do you really think that you're so smart?
Greed will kill you.
Don't be blind.

It's a human playground, we decide.
It's not God's game, it's our play.
We decide, it's our play.
Track Name: F.T.
You’d like to see this world
As a meadow with butterflies.
No blood, no shit,
No stress and no fuckin’ lies.
So clarify your mind:
Is this ever possible?
The Earth is not a heaven,
Life’s a brutal war.


No one will care about you
More than you.
No one will lead your life
Instead of you.

Fuck this,
Fuck this fear.

Kill this,
Kill this fear.

People come and people go.
You have to stop this pathetic show:
You’ve lost your partner,
Raise your head up high,
Someday you’ll find a better one.

Watch for
Who you call your friend.
Watch for
who you trust.
My friend turned into enemy
When he felt lust.
Track Name: Rotten Home
You lived in a hopeless place
Where they crushed you everyday.
Forbidden lust spread in the air.
You were too young to understand
What was going on.
It’s not your fault,
Please understand!

Everyday inside your head
Appear new thoughts about death.
You need a rest, take my hand,
I will save you from the end.

She’s fighting all the time,
Please God reward her loss.
This hellish place on Earth
Did not break her bones.

Welcome to the rotten, rotten home.
Where everything’s broken,
All hope has gone.

Every part of me believes
She will be free.

Now I'm closing my eyes,
Tell me do you realize
I feel like I'm crucified
When you poison my mind,
Injecting hate
You should send to Dad.

The Worm
Was eating his brain.
Eternal fire should burn
All his thoughts,
All his desires.

It’s like a rusty needle
Deep inside your childhood’s Eden.

Girl let me feel
That we’re a team,
We fight together.
Track Name: Take It All
Today everything is screaming inside of me
Cause I pick my bones from the ground for another time.
I won't fall down again in spite of pain.
It's not my way, it’s not my way.

Today everything is dying inside of me
Cause I lost someone who I loved in this town.
I won't fall down again in spite of pain.
It's not my way, it’s not my way.

Don't waste your time to seek blame.
Tomorrow is another day.
Every step that you take
Teaches you something new about yourself.

I'm roaming through these empty streets
Thinking of our happy past.
I'm dying when I’m passing by
Near the place we met.

Don't waste your time to feel blame,
Tomorrow is another day.
Every step that you take
Teaches you something new about yourself.

I am dreaming of the time
When I will find what I am looking for.
I know that all I want is in my hands
And I will take it all.
I will take it

Track Name: Sacrifice
This autumn was my sacrifice.
I can't explain your lies.
Those days of love and happiness
Vanished in a haze.

This autumn was my sacrifice.
Maybe there were no lies.
Maybe you're just immature
And that's the way it goes.

Tell me what you really want.
Show me your dreams, your real dreams.
Tell me who you are.

In another place, another time
I hope you will find your own way,
Finally find your home.

Tell me why you don't fight,
Fight for your life,
(for this love).
Tell me why you kill your soul,
Why do you kill your body.
Tell me why you don't love yourself.

I'm sick and tired of shit like this.
One day you love me,
The next day you're indifferent.
You are a mystery to me.
You're mystery to yourself.
I try to understand, I try to understand.
I'm sick and tired of shit like this.
Love or indifference?
I try to understand.
Track Name: Trapped Between
Time's going by.
Should I forget or should I fight?
I want belief,
Give me some hope,
Don't wanna’ think that all has gone.

There is no use in thinking about it now,
Time will tell, time will tell.
I'd kill myself to ease this pain,
Feels like I’m dead,
Can't take these days.

Why do you still run away?
Why are you afraid of commitment?
We were so good together,
Now you push me away.

You've stolen my soul,
I'm on fire,
In your eyes I see desire.

You've shown me an Eden,
Now I'm in the void.

I miss you.